The 21 Day More Love 

Meditation Series 


In Western society, if you’re a successful go-getter, you don’t wait for something to happen, you make it happen. So allowing things to happen may seem counterintuitive. Being passive may feel like you are not doing enough. But there is something very powerful to observing and allowing things to happen WHILE you take steps every day towards your dreams. As you create more internal expansion, through meditation, you might be pleasantly surprised at the meaningful coincidences and SYNCRO-TASTIC way things start to fall into place with ease and grace as you allow it. Click here to listen

New possibilities are always within your reach. However, what keeps you blocked from these new possibilities are old ways of thinking, doing and being that no longer serve you. By opening up your mind and heart through meditation, you create space that allows you to expand beyond what you think you know and who you think you are. Click here to listen

Celebrating yourself creates more self-love which in turn acts as a magnet for other love in your life. Think of some small ways you can celebrate yourself…share something you’re proud of with a friend, get a massage, speak kindly to and about yourself. Self-celebration raises your vibration and informs other people to treat you with love and respect. YOU set the bar. Click here to listen

It can be challenging to say “No” to friends, family, co-workers or your partner. We fear being seen as mean, rejecting or negative. But nothing could be further from the truth. When you say No to something that you really don’t want to do, you are actually saying YES to your life, your desires, your heart and to being authentically known. Doesn’t it feel good to say YES to YOU? Click here to listen

What you say about yourself and to yourself matters. Speak about your desires positively and with excitement. Be mindful that words have wings, so consciously talk about your desires instead of your fears. Click here to listen

When we hold onto the past, we keep ourselves prisoners.

In order to see new possibilities, you have to be able to release the past.

Letting go of the past is a key component to creating the future you want. Click here to listen

Are you present, loving and kind to people as you go through your daily life?

Pay attention to the areas in your life where you’re not being loving. We bring more love into our lives by becoming more loving ourselves. Be kind, empathic, passionate. Ask people how they are and actually wait for their answer. Look them in the eye with a smile. Take that moment to truly connect. Create a space to care for another human and their experience.. Click here to listen

Breathe in life force energy – chi, prana, vitality. Feel your own energy merging with the greater energy around you and in the universe. Think about whether or not you prioritize your pleasure. If you don’t no one else will. It is important because it is good for you, your mind and your body. It could be amazing food, delicious sex, or simply laughing. There is a feeling of satisfaction and enjoyment that comes from allowing yourself to do something for no other reason than to make yourself feel good. Experiencing pleasure regularly has the power to relieve stress and change brain chemistry. Click here to listen

What words do you use on a daily basis when you are talking about yourself? When you’re talking about prospects in life, when you’re talking about things that have happened, what kind of a voice do you have inside your head? Start speaking to yourself with the same kindness you would speak to a five year old with. Speak to yourself with kindness and beauty. We show people how to treat us by letting them see the way we treat ourselves. And they follow suit. Instead of affirming what is wrong in your life, start to affirm what is right about your life, your body, your talents. What you focus your attention on grows. Click here to listen

Take time today to appreciate your body. Notice something beautiful about your body and be grateful. Feel appreciation for your body working hard to carry you throughout your day. You can only make body changes from a place of self love, of body love. Click here to listen

Think about all the little ways you can find joy in your daily life…watching children play, being childlike, getting out in nature, helping someone else, traveling, spending time with an animal, singing, dancing. You have control over how much joy you experience. Click here to listen

When you allow people to push your buttons, you are in reaction-mode and giving away your power. Investing too much in what people think about you, getting defensive, acquiescing, acting on guilt, becoming submissive or needing others’ approval are all forms of giving away your personal power. Being un-empowered reinforces a victim mentality and feels terrible. When you take ownership and personal responsibility for your actions you embrace your power and everything shifts. Click here to listen

So often as adults in romantic relationships we are unconsciously compelled to recreate unresolved injuries from childhood. Obviously, this recreation does not resolve them or give you the better outcome you desire because only unpacking and honoring your childhood experiences creates the deep self-understanding needed to move past them so you can attract and sustain healthy love in your life. Click here to listen

Many women don’t value self-care because they were raised to think self-care implied selfishness. This is untrue. When we lack self-care and prioritize everyone else’s needs above our own, we end up angry and martyred. You know you’ve reached the balance between appropriate self-sacrifice and healthy self-care when giving to those you love leaves you joyful, not resentful. Click here to listen

Taking YOURSELF on a date once a week is about YOU treating YOU the way you want someone else to. This allows you to get in touch with how you want to feel in a relationship (even if you’re already in one.) This exercise connects you with how you want to be loved, allowing you to see just how much you can fulfill your own desires so that love can be a choice and not a need. Click here to listen

How do you regard your body? Do you honor its wisdom and listen when it’s trying to communicate with you? If you’re ruled by your fear mind or have spent years or decades disparaging your body, you may feel completely disconnected. Meditation can help you reconnect with your body’s inherent wisdom. Click here to listen

There is so much value in having a tribe of like-minded supportive people in your life. Everyone can benefit from what I call, a “positive power posse”. Are the friends in your life happy for you when good things happen to you or are they jealous? Can you tell them anything, or do you censor yourself? When you think about finding and growing your tribe, look to the people in your life who are your cheerleaders, the ones that are always supportive and happy for you. Create your tribe in a space of total support, respect, acceptance, and non-judgement. Click here to listen

Are there limiting beliefs that are holding you back? Do you think you’re too old or that you missed the Real Love boat? These beliefs are energetically impacting what is happening in your life. It is NEVER too late. You can change your mind right now and start making space in your mind and in your heart for love. Be brave enough to hope and ballsy enough to do the work. Whether you’re partnered or not, look at the way you’ve arranged your life. In what ways can you change your space to make more room (and time) for your beloved? Click here to listen

Day 2 Affirmation: 

“I Lovingly Release the Past"

To create the life AND love you desire, you must be able to imagine it with all your senses. Use the power of creative visualization to manifest and magnetize revolutionary love into your life. Harness the mind-blowing power of your intention to create your heart’s desire.. Click here to listen

Day 3 Affirmation: 

“I Am Love.” 

We have been sold a bill of goods about our completeness for our entire lives. From the main stream media to the fairy tales we’ve read in childhood, the message is consistent; to be complete you must find your soul mate, reproduce and live happily ever after. I disagree. I see you and your life as a delicious piece of cake that tastes amazing all by itself. Partnering with someone who adds value to your life and elevates your joy can be the icing on the already awesome cake. You are the only one who can ever complete you. Romantic love can be an empowered choice and not a desperate need. Click here to listen

I see you as a lighthouse, you were born with this beautiful bright love light. And then over time and years of being given misinformation or observing unhealthy relationships, like layers of soot or mud, everything you learned starts to dim that light. It’s time to systematically remove the layers of learned behaviors and misinformation about love and relationships and your own worthiness, one layer at a time, starting with truly knowing yourself and developing deep compassion, self-love, and ultimately embracing self-celebration because once this internal shift occurs, your love light will become so bright that just like the ship that easily finds the lighthouse it’s been seeking, your beloved or the right business situation or the right tribe will find you. It’s YOUR turn. Click here to listen

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Day 6 Affirmation: 

“I create joy every day.” 

Day 8 Affirmation: 

“I am desired.”